8th International Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Industrial Applications (FMIA 2024)

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Conference DatesMay 25-26, 2024

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HOTELSanjin International Hotel

ADDNo. 108, Yingze Road, Yingze District, Taiyuan City, China  


About Taiyuan City, China

During the 2500-year history, Taiyuan used to be the homeland of Tangyao, a famous city in the period of War States, the ancient state of Taiyuan, the capital of Bei Dynasty, the north capital of the emperor, the north gate of Middle China, a key town in Jiubian and also the homeland of Jin merchants, as a poem says, “Cross the Sanggan River for another time and look back at Bingzhou, it is really like my hometown”. The great poet Yuan Haowen in Jin Dynasty wrote a very famous poet on the bank of Fen River---“What is love, something we could die for”, which makes the city a little more romantic in addition to its solemn royal atmosphere. Chongshan Temple, Chunyang Palace and Temple of Confucius stand next to each other. The harmonious coexistence of various religions reflects the tolerance of the city. Here in Taiyuan you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains and rivers, appreciate the red leaves on Mount Juewei and the moon at dawn on Mount Meng. Here in Taiyuan--- the modern city, you can walk on the wide roads, watch the thriving business and visit the prosperous business street Liuxiang. You can also taste the delicious food, take a dip of the old vinegar and wine and have a bowl of noodles. Then you will feel as if the flavor of Taiyuan would stay in you mouth forever. As long as you have been to Taiyuan, you will be deeply absorbed in its eternal beauty.


Figure 1: Taiyuan


A brand-new Datong appears after a combination of the modern atmosphere and the ancient civilization. The grand Huanyan Temple and Shanhua Temple built in Liao and Jin Dynasties stand still surrounded by the high ancient walls. Yungang Grottoes demonstrate the spectacular scene of “temples and towers on the mountains and along the rivers” in the ancient time. Outside the ancient walls, the skyrocketing buildings will refresh your eyes with a new city look. Datong, which used to be the capital of Beiwei Dynasty, capital of Liao and Jin Dynasties and key towns of Ming and Qing Dynasties, has become a modern city from the power center of nomads. You can feel its unique charm if you come to this city.

Figure 2: Yungang Grottoes

A folk song which said, “If you ask me where is my hometown, I will say the giant locust tree of Hongdong county in Shanxi”tells us that Linfen used to be the homeland of most Chinese people. A piece of Beijing opera which said, “Susan left Hongdong County and walked on the street” tells us the story happened in Linfen of Shanxi province. Linfen is not only the oldest city of China but also the place where the Chinese people look for their roots. The thriving giant locust tree is what those Shanxi people outside Shanxi province always keep in mind. The vigorous Hukou Waterfall bears the deep feelings of the Chinese people for China. Linfen, a place you cannot ignore.

Figure 3: Hukou Waterfall


How to get here

By air

Taiyuan Wusu International Airport

Distance to Hotel: 15 km.

Drive Time: 30 min by Texi.

By Train

Taiyuan South Railway Station

Distance to hotel: 10 km

Drive time: 22 min by Texi.


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